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How to get there by car or coach

Linderhof Palace is situated in the Graswang Valley, near the village of Ettal.

Take the A95 motorway and the road B2 to Oberau. Follow the signs in Oberau to the road B23 (Ettaler Straße). Outside Ettal turn left to the road St2060. In Linderhof turn right to reach the palace.

There are parking facilities for 550 cars and 20 coaches available (with costs).

Please note

Road B17 closed in parts until June 2016

Due to roadworks the road B17 (part of the route Neuschwanstein-Linderhof) will have to be closed along the lake Bannwaldsee as follows: The road will be completely closed from 21 March to 12 April as well as from 27 May to 3 June. From 13 April to 26 May only one track of the road (the one leading from the north to Füssen) will be open.
The traffic will be diverted via the B16 and the road St2059.
Please consider that due to the deviation your trip from Linderhof to Neuschwanstein will last at least 10 minutes longer, and note the current traffic information.

Road St2060 closed until mid-June 2016

Due to roadworks the road St2060 is completely closed between Plansee/frontier and Linderhof Palace until mid-June 2016. Afterwards only one track of the road will be open until the work is finished.
Coming from Ettal you can reach Linderhof Palace without any problems.

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Linderhof on Google maps:
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How to get there by public transport

Take the train ( to Oberammergau: from Oberammergau there is a bus connection to Linderhof (9622).

For information on intercity bus lines and further means of travel please have a look on the Internet.

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