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How to get there


How to get there by car or coach

Linderhof Palace is situated in the Graswang Valley, near the village of Ettal.

Take the A95 motorway and the road B2 to Oberau. Follow the signs in Oberau to the road B23 (Ettaler Straße). Outside Ettal turn left to the road St2060. In Linderhof turn right to reach the palace.

Linderhof on Google maps:
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There are parking facilities for 550 cars and 14 coaches available (with costs).

Charging stations for electric cars: 4 normal charging stations + 1 fast charging station.

Each column has two charging points, so a total of up to ten vehicles can refuel at the same time (1 x 150 kW or 2 x 75 kW, 8 x 22 kW). The charging stations accept a wide range of charging cards and smartphone apps via the network; it is also possible to pay for the charging process directly by credit card.

How to get there by public transport

Take the train ( to Oberammergau: from Oberammergau there is a bus connection to Linderhof (bus 9622).

There is also a bus connection from Oberau or Reutte to Linderhof (bus 9624). You can find timetables at

Find long-distance bus connections to Linderhof.

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