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Linderhof Park

Please note: Venus Grotto currently closed due to restoration work

The extensive restoration work in and around the Venus Grotto will last until summer 2025. Unfortunately, the grotto cannot be visited during the restoration work.
Here you can find detailed information on the restoration of the Venus Grotto.



Picture: Venus Grotto

Venus Grotto

The artificial dripstone cave with its lake and waterfall was modelled on the Hörselberg from the first act of the Wagner opera "Tannhäuser".

This natural stage, built in 1876/77 by the landscape sculptor A. Dirigl, was lit by arc lights. The electricity for this was generated by 12 dynamos in the machine house 100 m away, one of the first electricity works in Bavaria.

The Venus Grotto features a "royal seat", a Lorelei rock and a gilt boat in the shape of a shell.

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