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Linderhof Palace

Hall of Mirrors (end of the tour)


Picture: Hall of Mirrors

There is hardly a spot anywhere along the walls of this room that is not covered by a mirror. The effect of the light is correspondingly fabulous.The model for the Hall of Mirrors was a room designed by Cuvilliés in the Munich Residenz. Yet the magic-mirror effects have been pushed much further here. Wherever one looks, there is a new reflection.

Being a night person, Ludwig probably seldom used this room during the daytime. The effect must have been all the more dazzling when countless candles were burning in the candelabras on the wall, the Viennese crystal chandelier and the exquisite ivory chandelier. Everything in this room is very opulent: the large, continuous mirrors, the centrally heated fireplaces with chimney pieces of lapis lazuli, the furniture, ornamented with rosewood veneer and bronze figures, the ostrich down carpet in front of the alcove, or the fine Carrara marble sculptures.

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