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Linderhof Palace

West Tapestry Room


Picture: West Tapestry Room

The tour through the king's rooms begins in a “Tapestry Room”. In reality, the Gobelin tapestries that give the room its name are fake, their large-scale depictions being only painted on rough canvas.

The amorous scenes in pastoral idylls are based on paintings by François Boucher and Antoine Watteau. The continuous panorama of images transports the viewer into a remote world of love and harmony – two concepts of major importance in the king’s thought.

The ceiling painting shows the marriage of art and beauty in the figure of Apollo receiving Venus. It is also an allegory of evening, corresponding to the room’s west-facing position.

The furnishings include a life-sized peacock made by the Sèvres porcelain manufacture. A rare Aeolodicon pianino, a harmonium in the shape of an upright piano, is the reason why this room is also known as the Music Room.

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